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PAC-Man is 40!

At least in North America…

This year has been one of ups and downs between the coronavirus, the world burning to the ground (quite literally), and general destruction there are very few high moments.  The further we get into the year the more I am starting to feel like we are in the world that truly leads to many of my favorite dystopian novels including the topic of this blog….the incomparable Ready Player One.

We truly are living out part of Ready Player One with schools online, staying home and getting lots more time for hobbies and even going so far as to ordering groceries online. Because of this we need to take stock of the happy things in our lives and one of those things is that everyone for the most part is at home which means more time for video games!

Which we are in luck for.  This year and next year as I work on this project there will be a lot of anniversaries.  Including the 40th anniversary of the beloved yellow PAC-MAN!

I missed the official 40th birthday of the Japanese release of the game (that happened in May of 2020) but the silly yellow character with his distinctive “wakka-wakka-wakka” noise and mischievous little ghosts didn’t make it State side until October of 1980.

So this month we will celebrate PAC-MAN.  I’ll be playing the original game on the Twitch Channel working on my (frankly awful) skills and maybe trying to play a perfect game.  We will see how that goes.

This iconic and well-known game is extremely important in Ready Player One.  If Wade hadn’t taken the time to play the perfect game then he never would have gotten the One-Up Coin that eventually was what saved the OASIS.  Without this then IOI would have won.  The OASIS would be riddled with advertisements and everything good about the game would have been lost.

From free public education, the ability to be whoever you want to be, to work and play…everything would have been lost without PAC-MAN.

So lets thank the little yellow guy… and his silly maze game.  Because without him everything would be lost.

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