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The Star Wars LEGO Holiday Special, created by Lucasfilm and Disney: a Film Review


Taking place after Star Wars IX: The Rise of the Skywalker we join our friends as they settle in to create an amazing celebration for Life Day (the Star Wars equivalent of the Holidays).  As Rey continues on her journey to train up Finn as a new Jedi Knight she feels like her knowledge as a teacher is falling short.

While her friends prepare for Life Day Rey takes off to find a new source of information that may help her to train her new apprentice.  She finds herself on a journey through space and time discovering some of the most critical moments of past Jedi and Sith.  As things get out of hand will Rey make it back in time to celebrate Life Day with her friends?  And if she does will Poe have cooked any of the Tip-Yip in an edible way?

General Information:

-Genre: Holiday Family Special, Science-fiction

-Creator: Lucasfilm and Disney

-Length: 47 minutes

-Rating: TV-G (some mild animated violence but in LEGO form, some scary looking characters)

-Where to Watch: Disney+ (with subscription)

-Page of Reference in RP1: 22

Review (contains spoilers):

This was absolutely delightful.  Silly and self aware, full of LEGO jokes and Star Wars references up the wazoo.

Apparently it was not only released on the same day 42 years after the original (and frankly horrible) Star Wars Holiday Special the film took inspiration from and even pulled references directly from it.  When I finally find a copy I’ll be able to see if this is true.

Don’t go into this thinking its going to be some profound Star Wars addition. Its just a silly little film made for kids. It goes through time and space on a little journey to include all sorts of moments from the Star Wars Universe (including an appearance by Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian). Just sit back and enjoy…and learn a little lesson about friendship.

Overall a really fun little movie about Life Day. Even for someone like me who isn’t a huge Star Wars fan.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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