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Ladyhawke: The Motion Picture Soundtrack, by Andrew Powell: a Album review

General Information:

-Album Title: Ladyhawke

-Artist: Andrew Powell

-Release Year: 1985

-Album Length:

-Genre: Instrumental Film Score, Medieval Dark Fantasy

-How to Listen: Spotify (with subscription), Apple Music (with subscription), iTunes (for purchase), CD, or look for it at your local library

-Page of Reference in RP1: 106


NONE…all instrumental

Song Titles:

  1. Main Title
  2. Phillipe’s Escape
  3. The Search for Phillipe
  4. Tavern Fight (Phillipe)
  5. Tavern Fight (Navarre)
  6. Phillipe Describes Isabeau
  7. Navarre’s Ambush
  8. The Chase, the Fall & the Transformation
  9. “She Was Sad at First…”
  10. Navarre Returns to Aquila
  11. Narvarre’s and Marquet’s Duel
  12. Marquet’s Death
  13. Bishop’s Death
  14. End Title


This is a beautiful soundtrack.  It is one that plays throughout the background of the film and adds an incredible depth to the storyline.  The majority of the music seems to have medieval themes throughout it and many of the moments feel truly like what I imagine life in this time period would have been like (if you had the ability to carry music with you always).

The ups and downs of the score follow the action in ways that enhance, not detract from the story and the action that is going on upon the screen.

This is one of the few scores I can listen to that helps me focus.  Usually I need talking or singing to stimulate my brain well enough to focus but the depth here is just so beautiful that it is easy to listen to in the background.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

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