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Candy and Snack Board

Candy and snack board featuring some ‘90s comebacks like Doritos 3D, Pop-Tart Bites, and DunkAroos (on the side)… and Pizza Hut’s Stuffed Crust Pizza!


Party like its 1985! Or I mean…maybe a little more adult than that… XD

I decided this year that we were going to have a self-contained quarantine slumber party!  And boy was I in LUCK!

The 1980s and 1990 nostalgia has hit SO VERY HARD!!!  I’ve found everything from Dunkeroos to the 25th anniversary Fruit Roll-ups, to Pizza Hut re-releasing its classic stuffed crust pizza again!  I just cannot with the whole idea that my people have decided this is the time for things to happen.

So here it is…the candy and snack board.  This one will be themed to my slumber party tonight!  I will post pictures when I can.

Remember you can make this for any holiday, party or random Saturday you feel like…just retheme the candy to fit that occasion (Christmas candies in Christmas shapes as well as red, green and white OR Valentine’s candies such as red-hots or anything pink, red and white…a favorite color for a birthday…you get the idea)


  • Your favorite candies and treats between 8-12 of them
  • For a 1980s/1990s board:
    • Fruit Roll-ups or other fruit snacks that were popular (like gushers!)
    • Pop-tart bites
    • Dunkaroos
    • 2-3 Little Debbie’s cakes/snacks (I’m using a few I love like Strawberry Shortcake Rolls and Star Crunch but use what you love…most of them were popular in the late 1980s and early 1990s)
    • 3-5 types of Candy! Here are some that are still around today that were popular:
      • Runts
      • Atomic Fireballs
      • Flavored Tootsie Rolls
      • Jawbreakers
      • Pixy Stix
      • Ring pops
      • Smarties
      • Starbursts (original flavor)
      • Sweet tarts
      • Tootsie rolls
      • Skittles (original flavor…without the green apple…lime was WAY better)
      • Nerds (grape, cherry and orange were defiantly around in the ‘80s and rainbow came out in the ‘90s)
      • Airheads
      • Warheads
      • Blow Pops
      • M&Ms
      • Albanese Candy Company Gummi’s (these are on my board as they are delicious and a local Indiana company! You can even tour their factory under normal circumstances)
      • Cella’s brand Chocolate covered cherries
      • SOUR PATCH Kids (original flavor…minus the blues today)
      • Hershey’s bars (original, cookies and cream, and Symphony Bars for sure)
      • Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (original)
      • Lemonheads (original and flavored)
      • Hershey’s kisses and hugs
      • Starburst Jelly Beans! (I LOVE these….the Fave RED pack is on my board but those didn’t come out till the 2000s…oh well)
      • Tart n’ Tiny’s
      • Twix bars
      • Reese’s pieces
      • Jelly Belly
      • Pop rocks
      • Snickers
      • 100 Grand bars
      • Now & Laters
      • Junior mints
      • Mike & Ikes (original flavors minus the strawberry today)
      • Twizzlers and twizzlers pull and peel
      • Rock candy
    • 2-3 other cookies or salty treats…for example:
      • Goldfish
      • Flipz (or other yogurt covered pretzles)
      • Chex mix (bonus points for homemade)
      • Girl scout cookies! (support a local girl you know or Troup 6000 which is all homeless girls in NYC!)
      • Popcorn
      • Doritos (bonus if you can find the recent rerelease of the 1980s packaging and flavor…I ate all mine! Or the return of Doritos 3D)

Step by Step:

  1. Collect your supplies including your food stuffs AND containers to put them all in…I know as kids we would have just dug in with maybe a big bowl for the chips and stuff…but we are adults now. Time to make our movie night snacks good!
  2. Now…start just like we did with our stores boards:
  • Layout your smaller bowls you are using for small stuff like M&Ms, Nerds, Runts…anything loose and put them on your board
  • Then build out from there using things that stack, lay in long lines or can be put up as barriers for smaller things like Little Debbie’s, pull and peel Twizzlers and oreos
  • Fill in spots with other loose but not super tiny items like gummi bears, mini twix or snickers bars, goldfish crackers or Flipz
  • Add in things with sticks and stems around as extra décor like blow pops or ring pops…you don’t need lots of these to make them really fun. I added some chocolate covered strawberries I had because I’m super extra!
  • Put on your favorite jammies (bonus if they look like the could be from the 1980s), plop down in your blanket fort, pop a tape into the VCR (or you know…find a great ‘80s/90s movie on streaming), open the box of Pizza Hut old school stuffed crust pizza, pop a Coke or a SURGE and CHOW DOWN!!

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