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LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game, based off Star Wars Episodes 1-3, created by George Lucas: a Video Game Review

What are we playing:

The prequel trilogy is BACK but now in LEGO form! Relive Episodes 1-3 as you play through the films all the while destroying everything in sight! Become a part of the film.

This set of LEGO games walks through the world of Star Wars Episodes 1-3, in playable levels which you can go back after completing in Story Mode and play again to collect everything.

General Information:

-Genre: Collectathon

-Creator: Traveller’s Tales in partnership with LEGO and Lucasfilm

-Number of Levels: 17

-Collectables: 56-59 characters (depending on the console), 13 hints to the game (these are both free and cost studs), 10 extras (that do both silly things and assist you), 170 canisters/minikits, 17 Jedi Level Stud Counts

-Rating: E10+ (Mild cartoony nudity and sexual innuendo, Mild violence but cartoony and LEGO, some “alcohol” use and scenes in bars, some intense scenes…but it’s a cartoon game so…)

-How to Play: local game stores (explore your area and support local!), used game stores, online or in box stores, or look for it at your local library (many libraries now have video games and even tabletop games for checkout)

-Page of Reference in RP1: 62-64

Review (contains spoilers):

These are considered Collectathon games and it is achievable to complete these to a 100% rating.  You do need to replay levels, sometimes several times with various characters you collect later in the game to achieve a full 100% of the games achievements.

I absolutely love playing the LEGO games.  They are wonderful stress relief since the whole point is to just beat up everything in sight.  You can die an infinite number of times so there is no real stress to dying like in many other “life based” games. And they take a fun approach to how the levels are set up.

You aren’t just playing the same standard levels over and over.  There are differences in the levels and level set ups, there is a free play version of nearly all the levels and there is the world in the diner to explore (though it is small and really just a portal to the levels).

Excellent game.  Very fun.  Playable with kids of all ages.  Love the collectathon aspect of the whole thing.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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