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SOLO: a Star Wars Story, based on characters from George Lucas: a Film Review


Set a decade before Star Wars: A New Hope we discover the beginnings of Han Solo’s story.

Han and his love, Qi’ra, are orphans on the planet of Corellia trying to escape from the local gang…a place that is run by them and often the only way to stay alive is to be part of the mob.  Having stolen a vial of pure hyperdrive fuel, called coaxium, the pair attempt to flee by bribing an Imperial Officer.

Han manages to escape but Qi’ra was recaptured by the gang.  He vows to come back for her and as he continues to flee, Han is nearly caught.  So he joins the Imperial Navy and is given the last name “Solo” since he had no last name.

Three years later, Han is determined to get back to save his girl when he encounters a group of criminals posing as Imperial soldiers.  Having been discharged from the Imperial Academy for insubordination, he attempts to blackmail the head of the crew and when that doesn’t fly he ends up arrested and tossed into jail to be fed to another prisoner, a Wookie named Chewbacca.  Han is able to persuade him to join forces and escape to, thankfully, be picked up by the criminals who had him arrested in the first place.

The crew reveals that they have been hired to do a train heist, and the payout would be enormous.  The pair can assist but are told to follow orders and their payout would be enough to buy their own ship…

General Information:

-Genre: Space Western. Science-fantasy Heist

-Creator: based on characters from George Lucas

-Length: 135 minutes

-Rating: PG-13 (mild science fiction violence, mild profanity, some use of alcohol and drug innuendos, some intense scenes, moderate amounts of crime)

-Where to Watch: Amazon Prime Video (Buy/Rent), iTunes (Buy/Rent), Disney+ (with subscription), DVD, Blue-Ray, or look for it at your local library

-Main Cast: Alden Ehrenreich, Woody Harrelson, Emilia Clarke, Donald Glover, Thandie Newton, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Joonas Suotamo, Paul Bettany

-Page of Reference in RP1: 62 (see the article about why we chose to include this here )

Review (contains spoilers):

I LOVED THIS MOVIE.  I don’t know why I had waited so long to watch this one!  I’ve found lately that I tend to enjoy the stories set in the universe more than the Skywalker Saga films.

They are some of the greatest things that Disney has done with the franchise in my opinion.  Because they are (insert film genre) first and “Star Wars” second.

I don’t feel like I have to know every single last thing about the Star Wars universe to love the films.  I don’t have to understand and watch all of the Clone Wars to understand why General Grievous coughs (I looked it up because it was just weird for a droid to do that…) or feel like a fool for missing some small nuance in the background of some scene.

Just like the Marvel films, for the most part are another genre then a superhero film, the stories set in the Star Wars world are just wonderful films.  This was a GREAT heist film, it was an incredible space WESTERN.  And it was also a Star Wars movie.

It had MAJOR Firefly vibes.  It had action and daring and crime and romance. And deceit.  And everything a good heist/crime film should have in it.  THAT is what I love.  I love being able to change out the characters for fully original characters and the movie still makes sense.  I love even more that they’ve created something new with characters that we all know and love in the first place.

It gives a level of dimension that we are lacking…or fleshes out the characters in a way that we never thought of before.

Truly a great film.  But if you want a “Star Wars” film…you’ll probably be disappointed.  But I wasn’t.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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