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LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy, based off of Star Wars Episodes 4-6, created by George Lucas: a Video Game Review

What are we playing:

The original trilogy is BACK but now in LEGO form!  Relive Episodes 4-6 as you play through the films all the while destroying everything in sight!  Become a part of the film.

This set of LEGO games walks through the world of Star Wars Episodes 4-6, in playable levels which you can go back after completing in Story Mode and play again to collect everything. 

General Information:

-Genre: Collectathon

-Creator: Traveller’s Tales in partnership with LEGO and Lucasfilm

-Number of Levels:

-Collectables: 68 characters, 2 customizable characters,

-Rating: E10+ (mild cartoon nudity, moderate violence but cartoony and in LEGO, several scenes in a bar)

-How to Play: local game stores (explore your area and support local!), used game stores, online or in box stores, or look for it at your local library (many libraries now have video games and even tabletop games for checkout)

-Page of Reference in RP1: 62-64

Review (contains spoilers):

Just like all other LEGO games these are your fairly standard collectathon style game and it is achievable to get a 100% completion, you just have to return after Story Mode to get everything.

LEGO games are some of my favorite games to play.  Since the majority of the game is just beating everything in sight to actually figure out what has stuff in it and what doesn’t it makes for awesome stress relief and I absolutely love that you can’t really die.  You just burst into bits…aka LEGO currency.

This version is a really fun way to play through the next three movies.  The story lines are comprehensive and follow the original trilogy in a way that is still true to the feel of the films.  You just get to explore some more.  This series allowed for the designers to do some interesting things and not just focus on the same play style in each and every level.  You get a really nice combination of platforming, vehicle based levels, exploration and scripted play through.  Plus coming back and replaying levels makes for some really entertaining challenges.

These are super fun and are great to play with kids but challenging enough for adult players to really enjoy.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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