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Hiatus… We Will Be Back Soon

Hey everyone!! I know there are som new faces here and while there have been large gaps of time in this blog the last year as I have been figuring out how all this works (I’m not great with technology and social media but I’m learning!) I wanted to offer an explanation about why there has been a really big gap since STAR WARS WEEK…

Honestly, there’s been a lot of crazy going on in my personal life which has put the blog on the back burner for a minute. New job, moving, helping to get the family home ready to sell… between no moving vans, packing and adjusting to a new work schedule and work life… it’s all been a lot.

But that doesn’t mean I’ve abandoned this project! No not at all!!!! I’ve been watching and reading and writing reviews and articles, planning events, activities… field trips… live watches. Maybe even some DLC…

It all starts back up in July with SUPERHERO MONTH where we celebrate all things superhero’s from MARVEL and DC Comics, their cinematic universes, TV shows… maybe even the theme parks that have been built around them! From the early beginnings of Captain America and Batman appearing in their own comics to the international phenomenon they have become, Superheroes and their villains, have captured our hearts from day one. And in the world of Ready Player One it is no different!

Stay tuned. We are cooking up some big surprises for the next year!

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