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Gunters, Games and Gold is dedicating the month of July to celebrate all things SUPER in the world of Ready Player One!

From mainstream Marvel Cinematic Universe to the new DC Comics Extended Universe to the slightly obscure Watchmen to other superheroes off the beaten path.  Throughout the novel many different heroes were mentioned.  From Art3mis showing runs of the Linda Carter Wonder Woman show to other classics like Superman and Batman, Captain America and many others.

We have decided to dedicate this month to all kinds of superheroes that would have fallen into the world we think Anorak would have been interested in.  Please note that many of the reviews will eventually be updated as more seasons of tv shows come out or we get to watch more than what we have at the moment.  I am only one person watching and reviewing all of these references as well as writing all the other articles on this blog…and it’s a lot!  See our article “Why did we include THAT?” for more details!

From the classic tv shows to the more modern movies, the dark underside of anti-heroes to the silly and upbeat versions for kids…there will be a little bit of something for everyone this month!

With reviews and articles about the comics themselves to seeing your favorite characters up on the silver screen…you may even get some fun recipes, events, field trips and even some immediate reviews (Black Widow hits theatres and Disney+ with Premiere Access on July 9th) beware because spoilers abound…

Now…up up and away to celebrate all things Superheroes!

And as always…if you have suggestions or things we seem to have missed feel free to contact us on any of our social media including here on the blog!

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