DC Universe Infinite: The App for DC Comic Lovers

Ready Player One is full of moments that I couldn’t really imagine when the book came out a decade ago.  Technology continues to make great strides but it was the fact that Wade had access to so many pieces of media and pop culture at his fingertips that was absolutely fascinating to me.

It is applications like this that make this a reality.

As with many other comic book and literature apps this one is chock full of entertainment.  So much that one person wouldn’t be able to read it all in a single lifetime…and it would fill entire libraries let alone your own home.

DC Universe Infinite (available on Android and iOS) gives you access to the world of DC Comics.  Right in the palm of your hand.  Over 25,000 individual issues of comics from classics to newer releases.  There is always something new coming onto the app…in fact there is something new nearly every day.  You just have to wait about 6 months after the physical release of the comic issue for it to pop up on the app.

This app gives you that ability to zoom in on panels with a quick double tap, see comic issues and pages in high resolution (including the classic and vintage issues), and even request new releases…though there isn’t a guarantee that what you are looking for will become available quickly or at all.

I haven’t been using this app as long as I have the Marvel Unlimited app, but it is just as wonderful.  It is easy to search for specific characters or even issues of a comic.

 Plus, they put a spotlight on LGBTQ+ characters for Pride Month!  It was super cool to be able to just click in and see characters that were like me… because representation matters.

I will be excited to see if this trend continues for things like Black History Month… I love that comics have always had diversity but are now making sure to highlight those moments in their history. 

DC Universe Infinite even separates out specific storylines for you to access.  Like Crisis on Multiple Earths which was a fan favorite that spanned multiple decades of Justice League America.  If you didn’t know the issue numbers, it might be difficult to find.  But it has all been separated out for you on the app.  And that is really great for people like me who are coming in well after the fact.  In this case almost 30 years after the latest issue and nearly 60 after the first iteration of the story.

You can even make lists of favorites and download issues to read offline if you don’t want to use cellular data to read.

If you would like to download the app yourself, you can here: DC Universe Infinite

You get 7 days of unlimited reading for free then access all the issues for $7.99/month from then on.  You can cancel at any time.

Note: This is not a sponsored post.  It is merely my experience using the application as well as general information.

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