Marvel Unlimited: The Comic Book App for Marvel Fanatics

One of the things that is prevalent in Ready Player One is the technology.  In fact, it is one of the main focuses of the book.  Technology is so immersive in their world that it has permeated every aspect of life from work to play…if there really is such a thing on a dystopian world that has lost nearly all hope.

Every single day we are closer and closer to the technology in that reality.  Today it is the fact that our phones can do everything from schedule dinner, to create social media posts, make phone calls and send texts, video chat, send us into virtual realities…

You can hold thousands upon thousands of pieces of entertainment in the palms of our hands.

Instantly access millions of films, podcasts, books, audio files, music, television…

And now Comic Books.

With the Marvel Unlimited App (available for Android and Apple iOS) you can access over 28,000 individual comic issues released under the Marvel comic publishing house.  New episodes and issues are being released each week… 6 months after the physical release of the comic issue according to the app.

You can download up to 12 issues at a time for offline reading which can be exchanged at any time.  And if you don’t find something you like then you can always contact the team with suggestions for them to archive and post, though it is no guarantee that the issues will become available.

I have been using the app for about a month now and am loving it.  I am not allowed to bring headphones to my job so unless I take my breaks out in my car, I don’t have much to do on my breaks to keep myself entertained.  So, I’ve been starting to read through thousands of issues of new and classic comic books that I never thought to read when I was younger.

I’m loving that there is a mix of both classic issues and newly released comics at my fingertips.  I can zoom in instantly to see a detail closer or read something that is too small for my bad eyesight if I had the actual comic book.  The colors are bright and bold…and I can’t ruin the pages if I drop the comic.  Though if do that with my phone I may shatter the whole thing.  All comics can be double tapped so they go panel by panel instead of the whole page, so it is even easier to read.

I could never have enough room in my house (or honestly hours in my day) to read and collect all of the copies that I would love to have in my possession but now I can access nearly everything in the Marvel catalogue that I’m interested in…and lots of stuff I’m not.

But that is the great thing about comics.  There is something for basically everyone.  And every single day the Marvel Universe gets more and more diverse.  From the new 16-year-old, female, black Iron Man to the classics like the nearly deaf Clint Barton and the fully deaf, indigenous Echo we are seeing more and more that diversity rules in both real life and in the pages of our comics.

It is little things like this that make me love technology a little more every day.  There was no way 25 years ago I could have imagined that I could store an entire computer along with tens of thousands of comics and all the other books, movies and tv shows that I access daily in the palm of my hand.  Sometimes moving through time is incredible.

If you would like to download the app yourself, you can here: MARVEL Unlimited

You get 7 days of unlimited reading for free and then access to all the issues is $9.99/month from there on out.  You can cancel at any time.

Note: This is not a sponsored post.  It is merely my experience using the application as well as some general information.

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