The Kid Who Collects Spider-man (The Amazing Spider-man #248), written by Roger Stern: a Comic Book Issue review


Timothy Harrison is a one-of-a-kind kid.  9 years old, bright, funny…loves Star Wars, The Mets and he COLLECTS Spider-man.  In fact, he has the largest collection of Spider-man memorabilia of anyone in New York.  A trunk full of articles, photographs, film reels…even flattened bullets from a robbery that Spider-man thwarted. 

What he doesn’t have is his greatest wish.  The chance to meet Spider-man FACE TO FACE.

General Information:

-Genre: Comic Book, Superhero

-Author/Illustrator: Written by Roger Stern, Illustrated by Ron Frenz, Terry Austin, and Christine Scheele, Lettered by Joe Rosen

-Number of Pages: Full Issue- 24 pages, Story- 11 pages

-Main Characters: Spider-man, Timothy Harrison (The Kid who Collects Spider-man)

-Where to Read: Marvel Unlimited! (iOS and Android), support local booksellers (many can order items that may not be in stock) or look for it at your local library!

-Page of Reference in RP1: MARVEL is mentioned throughout the book

Review (contains spoilers):

This is by far the best Spider-man story that I have ever read.  It may even be the greatest story of Spider-man ever written.

Timothy Harrison is absolutely lovely.  He’s a great kid.  Like any other 9-year-old kid he loves a lot of great stuff like Star Wars and sports, and superheroes.

But what really gets me is how connected Peter Parker is with him is such a short time.  When he appears in Tim’s room of course there is the disbelief that any kid would have when confronted by their favorite person of all time.

I love the moments between Spider-man and Tim in this short story.  The two of them interacting is just pure innocence and perfection.  Between the web swing and looking through all the memorabilia that Tim has and Peter recounting some of the stories for him is just so cute.

But when Peter actually took off the mask and showed Tim who he was…that was when I lost it and I knew that something wasn’t right.

And when my heart fell apart.

The writers and illustrators for this story did such a good job piecing everything together to have you fall in love with and feel so deeply for Tim in such a short amount of time.

11 pages of a comic and your heart is shattered when you learn that he has cancer and dies after meeting Spider-man.

And that is a beautiful and incredible talent to have.

So, there you have it.  The greatest Spider-man story ever written, at least in my opinion.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

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