Wonder Woman, based on characters from DC Comics: a Film Review


In present day Paris, Diana Prince reminisces on her past after receiving a gift from Wayne Enterprises.

The daughter of Queen Hippolyta, Diana was raised on Themyscria.  The island of the Amazonians, female warriors created to protect mankind, had been hidden away from the world.  There Diana was trained as a warrior.

At 18 Diana does the unthinkable and saves a pilot who has crashed just off the island.  Her good will and kind heart cause an issue with the barrier around her world allowing for the German Nazi’s to invade Themyscria.  Though the Amazonians win the fight it is not without great losses.  When it is discovered that a Great War is happening outside of the world of the Amazonians Diana decides that she will go into battle with the pilot to try and save the world.

General Information:

-Genre: Superhero, Origin Story, War Story

-Creator: based on characters from DC Comics

-Length: 141 minutes

-Rating: PG-13 (for mild sex and nudity, moderate violence and gore, mild profanity, very mild use of alcohol and drugs, mild frightening and intense scenes)

-Where to Watch: HBO Max (with subscription), DVD, Blu-Ray, or look for it at your local library

-Main Cast: Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Robin Wright, Danny Huston, David Thewlis, Connie Nielsen, Elena Anaya

-Page of Reference in RP1: DC Comics is mentioned throughout the book

Review (contains spoilers):

This is just such a good film for so many reasons.  Above all it is just a beautiful film from start to finish.  The crew that worked on it made sure that every location was absolute perfection…I mean, I don’t even like the beach, but I want to live on Themyscria.  It’s that stunning.

Gal Gadot was the perfect choice for Diana.  She had that air about her of belonging no where and everywhere all at once.  She is beautiful and exotic in a way that catches everyone’s attention…and the dress with the sword just put it all over the top.

This is what happens when you get a female director for a female led superhero film.

You get costumes that look like proper armor (more on that in the Justice League review…), a handsome leading man, a stunning female lead, a script that is a real story from start to finish….it is just an overall excellent piece of art.

This is one of my most rewatched superhero film.  I cannot get enough of this or its sequel. 


Rating: 5 out of 5.

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