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The Animatrix, created by The Wachowskis: a Short Film Review


A series of 9 animated short films set in the world of the Matrix.  These stories serve as additional background and history as well as other stories surrounding the Matrix and the war that led to the dystopian setting.

General Information:

-Genre: Animated, Dystopian, Shorts

-Creator: The Wachowskis

-Length: 9 Short Films, Total Length 102 minutes

-Rating: Unrated, but note that the content of the animated shorts fits in with the content of the Matrix Trilogy films

-Where to Watch: DVD, Blu-Ray, or look for it at your local library

-Page of Reference in RP1: 49

Review (contains spoilers):

The Final Flight of the Osiris:

A pretty standard 3D animation style.  Not sure why it needed to be quite so sexually charged in the fighting sequence in the Matrix training room.  We haven’t seen anything quite like that in the series so far.

The real world seems truer to what was in the first movie.  This is obviously the story of another ship that gets taken down.  That was an awful lot of sentinels.  And to be on the surface, its kind of crazy when they spend all their time below ground. 

I hope they warn Zion.  We know the ship is going down from the title but that is just an unnecessary number of sentinels to take down that ship. I know that it they were for getting to Zion when the driller worked but its really just a lot to send after one ship when 10 or so would do.  We saw 6 nearly take down the Nebuchadnezzar.

The Second Renaissance Parts 1 & 2:

Its interesting that the animations styles change.  This one is a combination of 2D and 3D animation that I’m not super familiar with but that looks like something I should recognize.  Ew.  A little Princess Mononoke style in there too.

The storytelling style is interesting too.  Like it would be a mythology story.   I feel like we are going to get a lot of history in here from Rights marches for the machines to making their own country.  Reaching out their hands, and getting slapped in the face.  War.  Destroying the sky.  It is just insane to me.

What I’m really taking away from this whole story (which is something I really knew already) is that most humans suck.  Its crazy to me that humans will chose to go to war rather than negotiate.  We see it every day… this just took it even further.

The machines win of course which is where we are in the films.  And while it’s absolutely terrifying to think about the model the machines use with humans as the batteries is actually quite efficient and completely sustainable with little waste.  And that’s kind of scary.

Kid’s Story:

This animation style is really interesting to me.  Its like they animated a painting.  All the sketch marks are still there, and the setting has the quality of a painting.  It’s a very chaotic style that seems to capture the energy of the story quite well.

That is incredible.  He did what Neo and so many others needed the Pills for by himself.  So, it is possible to become aware of the world around you.  It’s a great allegory for mental health in the Matrix.  There are a lot of discussions even now that people with mental health diagnosis see reality in such detail that it becomes painful.


I like how this animation feels.  It reminds me of looking at a 2D traditional Asian tapestries. Ukiyo-e.  Its beautiful.

This story is reminiscent of what happens in the first movie.  There are obviously people who want to go back even after they had rebelled and taken the Red Pill.

World Record:

I’m not sure how I feel about this animation style.

Another story of someone who made it out of the Matrix on their own.  It’s fascinating that it is possible.  With intellect. With physical acuity.  He didn’t make it completely out…


This feels more like a traditional anime style.  It reminds me of a show but I’m not sure exactly which one.

A story all about a glitch in the Matrix where things reverse, can be broken and be remade, you don’t hit the ground when you fall.  It’s all simply different. It’s a great explanation for haunted houses or places where things disappear.

A Detective Story:

Very film noir, Sin City vibes. Lots of Alice in Wonderland references just like the first movie.

I like this style a lot and its nice to get a bit of Trinity’s story before we meet Neo.


This is super trippy.  I get the idea of reprogramming a bot. But like…this is weird.

Having a converted army has to be helpful.  It allows you to be more stationary but in the long run is it worth it.  Especially if they can still find and destroy you.


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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