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UPDATED: Star Trek: The Next Generation (Full Series), created by Gene Roddenberry: a Television Review


Set 78 years after Star Trek: The Original Series, The Next Generation series follows the adventures of the new Enterprise (NC-1700-D) and her crew.  Headed by Captain Jean-Luc Picard and a team of accomplished and diverse officers, the show focus on the years following an encounter with an immortal, sentient life force known only as Q.

Throughout the series new characters and life forms are introduced like the Ferengi, the Trill, and the Q.  new adventures, planets and discoveries abound during the seven season run.

General Information:

-Genre: Science-Fiction Drama

-Creator: Gene Roddenberry

-Length: 7 Seasons, 178 Episodes (average 45 minutes per episode)

-Rating: TV-PG (for Science-Fiction action and violence, some sexual content, some adult themes and mild language)

-Where to Watch: Netflix, Hulu, CBSAllAccess, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube ITunes, DVD, BlueRay, and look for the series at your local library

-Main Cast: Patrick Stewart, Brent Spiner, LeVar Burton, Jonathan Frakes, Marina Sirtis, Michael Dorn, Wil Wheaton, Denise Crosby, Gates McFadden, and John de Lancie

-Page of Reference in RPO: 25

Review (contains spoilers):

Please note this review will be updated as I continue to watch through the whole series….

Season 1:

This season is incredibly rough as are many first seasons of Star Trek.  Some episodes are alright while most are okay at best, horrible at worst.  While this is my favorite of the Star Trek series there is much of the first season that is difficult to get through.  From the questionable introduction of Q (usually the Big Bad of a series isn’t introduced in the first episode…and not as what appears to be a throw away character though incredibly charming and quite vexing), to the childish Ferengi, to the various bigger than their britches Starfleet personnel, this season is shaky at best. Save a few important episodes you can basically just skip to Season 2…

Season 2:

This is where the show starts to hit its stride in my opinion.  We get the introduction of Ten-Forward and Whoopie Goldberg’s character, the holodeck makes several appearances, more complex and nuanced storylines become commonplace, season long story and character arcs are worked into the show…its just overall a much better season than season one! 

There are some really great episodes and moments in this season.  I love Data taking on the mantel of Sherlock Holmes and Riker working with the Klingons in an officer exchange program.  We get more of the mysterious Q, more of the moments that Star Trek is really known for: explorations and first contacts even if some of them are accidental.  Unfortunately, we also get a clip show which are my least favorite types of episodes but we got a third season, so I guess it wasn’t so bad.

This is the season that really made me a Star Trek fan. 

Season 3:

This is one of the most complex seasons of The Next Generation.  From more interactions with the Klingons to the real introduction of the Romulans to this series, some interesting information on Q when he is dumped on the Enterprise without his powers, a few moments with Vulcans, new characters and current characters development…. There is so much more going on in this series from here on out.

And the BORG! The Borg….the final two part episode of this season into season 4 is one of the most renowned and well crafted episodes of The Next Generation.  It is often ranked in the top 100 best episodes of television ever…and I have to agree.  From here on this show is just going to be fantastic.  You can just tell from how this season is composed.

Characters have more depth.  We get to find out their hopes and dreams, their loves and their challenges… The planets and alien interactions are all there to continue our knowledge of both their races and of the crew on the ship. Story lines are more thoroughly developed and contain so much more amongst the whole universe that is surrounding the Enterprise.

This is where The Next Generation shows why it is one of the most popular Star Trek series to this day.

Season 4:

Season 5:

Season 6:

Season 7:


Rating: 4 out of 5.

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