2022 Welcome to REALITY!

March 2022

Theme Parks, Destinations, and Exhibitions

This month we will be focusing on how so many of the media references have permeated the real world in the form of mainstream physical entertainment! We will talk all things Theme Parks (even those for an international audience or trip), exhibitions that are going to moving across the US and extraordinary destinations that have to do with some of the biggest references in the book like Lord of the Rings, Kurt Vonnegut, MARVEL and DC.

April 2022

Action & Adventure

This month we will be focusing on the action and adventure references in the Ready Player One from The Goonies to Q*Bert th the infamous Adventure. There are a lot of things that can fall into this category…in fact it is one of the largest categories that is mentioned in the book! Novels, Short Stories, Video Games, Board Games, Films, TV Shows…the references run the gamut. And this is the month to talk about them!

May 2022

Science-Fiction to Science Reality

This month we will be focusing on Science-Fiction and how a lot of it turned to science reality! So much of our current technology was once a mere idea in a Science-Fiction show or novel. From iPads to video chat, VR to interactive cinema there is so much that can be attributed to the minds of incredible authors and film makers. Its time to discuss this and celebrate May the 4th, Revenge of the 5th, and so many other contributions to the Science Fiction and Science Fantasy Genres.