Elkhart, Indiana – Hall of Heroes Superhero Museum

In northern Indiana there is a city called Elkhart.  Founded around 1832 the city is now home to most of the American RV and trailer manufacturers in the country.  They are also the source of many of the musical instruments sold around the world.  These two industries are what most people think of when they hear about Elkhart.

What they don’t realize is that it is host to a small but powerful little convention called Hall of Heroes Comic Con.  Each year they get some of the biggest names in the film industry from William Katt to Doug Jones, Jon Header to John Ratzenberger.  They host a hall with cosplayers and cosplay groups like the 501st and Starfleet, a cosplay contest on Sunday.  Local artist and vintage collectors load into the vendor hall. 

It’s a lovely little convention.  Not too overwhelming or over packed.  Great for first time and seasoned con-goers alike.  We will talk about this convention more later but to tide you over here is a photo from this year of my dad and I with one of my dear friends Doug Jones.  We had a blast.

What most people don’t know is this convention has a bigger purpose. 

When you walk in the hall the first three booths you see are for the Hall of Heroes Comic Con Merchandise which changes every year.  The Second is your standard information booth.  Ask anything about the convention and they will be happy to help you!

The third booth is for Hall of Heroes Superhero Museum.

My family is from the area and I never knew about this tiny but really cool place filled to the brim with over 80 years’ worth of superhero comics and memorabilia.

The Hall of Heroes Comic Con is the largest fundraiser the museum does every year to keep it up and going.  This year we went after we were done at the convention to check it out.

According to their website Hall of Heroes Superhero Museum totes one of the largest and most complete collections of Superhero memorabilia, comics, and art in the US.  The collection spans both DC and MARVEL comics as well as indie superheroes and even hosts a small arcade that you can play for free when you go to the museum!

The collection has copies of some of the most important and impactful comics in the comic book world including Amazing Fantasies #15 signed by Stan Lee featuring the first appearance of Spider-Man.  Captain America #1 and Sensation Comic #1 also grace the walls of the hall.  In the center are filing cabinets with over 65,000 comic book issues and comic magazines from the 1940s to the present.  You can even ask to look at anything they have in the collection.  A staff member would be happy to help you look at them.

If superheroes on the big or small screen are more your jam, then look no further.  From original screen costumes to actual props and set pieces you can find a little bit of everything here. The Hell Cycle from Ghost Rider and the 1965 Shelby Cobra that Iron Man crushed when testing his suit are both there (and you can take a photo on either of them for a small fee).  Original costumes from the 1979 Captain America film, pieces of Deadpool’s costume, the Adam West Batman show’s Batman and Riddler costumes are some of what is on display.  You can even seen one of the original screen tested Captain America shields signed by the cast and crew and a Green Lantern ring from the film.

Toys and collectables fill shelves, clustered together by hero.  Barbies and action figures.  Collectable statues, tabletop games, old coloring kits and even orange juice containers. Jewelry, thermoses and lunch boxes… if it had a superhero on it or it was made to look it then you can probably find it here.  The collection is extensive.

We only spent a small amount of time here but I managed to capture photos of everything in the collection except the EXTENSIVE comic collection…mostly because I wasn’t going to ask them to get out each of the 65,000 issues that they have in stock. 

Try your hand at a few of their arcade machines.  I played X-Men for the first time with my dad.  We got Professor X back safely!

There is even a small merch store as well as a section of used comics for you to peruse and purchase.  Donations are also welcome.

The museum is small but packed full and defiantly worth a stop in if you are ever in the area.

Tickets are $10, though they do run specials occasionally.

Check out their website for more information at: Hall of Heroes Superhero Museum

Follow their Facebook and Instagram for updates and information on the Museum.

For information about Hall of Heroes Comic Con you can follow their Facebook page.

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