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This page will contain all written references from Ready Player One, such as novels, short stories, poetry, graphic novels, comics, manga, and anthologies

IT, by Stephen King: a Novel Review

Synopsis: Jumping between the past and the present, the Losers Club has been tasked with defeating a strange force that has caused the local children of Derry, Maine to hallucinate, have incredibly terrifying nightmares and to even go missing. When Bill Denbrough begins to have nightmares of a mysterious figure, often taking the shape of […]

Misery, by Stephen King: a Novel Review

Synopsis: Paul Sheldon is a prolific writer.  He is most famous for his Victorian-era romance novel series: Misery.  The problem is…he hates writing it.  He has passion projects that he would rather be spending time writing (though they often do not even net HALF of what a single Misery installment brings in).  As his final […]

Jurassic Park, by Michael Crichton: a Novel Review

Synopsis: There have been a series of mysterious animal attacks in Costa Rica.  No one can figure out just what is causing them.  Including the attack that left a worker on a nearby construction project dying and another that left a young girl at the edge of death from a severe allergic reaction.  Meanwhile, paleontologist […]

Ender’s Game, by Orson Scott Card: a Novel review

Synopsis: Earth has been attacked by an insect-like alien species called the Formics.  Having mastered interplanetary spaceflight before the attack, Earth is able to locate a Formic base on an asteroid called Eros… the discovery and original attack turn into an all-out war.  A war that humans narrowly win due to Mazer Rackham making a […]

Heavy Metal Magazine

Heavy Metal magazine is mentioned pretty early on in Ready Player One (page 82) and I knew I would be hard pressed to get a hold of any issues let alone all of them to read through so here is a little overview of what this magazine was all about. Started in 1977, Heavy Metal […]

2010: Odyssey Two, created by Arthur C. Clarke: a Novel Review

Synopsis: The Discovery One’s mission to Jupiter ended in failure.  None of the crew was recovered and the ship was left to float in space for nine years. Now a joint Soviet-American crew including Heywood Floyd are on the Alexei Lenov are on a mission to investigate what happened on that earlier mission…and what exactly […]

2001: a Space Odyssey, created by Arthur C. Clarke at the request of Stanley Kubrick: a Novel Review

Synopsis: In the prehistoric African plains, a strange alien monolith appears amongst the early humanoids. As it reaches out to study the primitive lifeforms they learn more and more, progressing to the point of using very primitive tools.  When the monolith has learned what it sets out to, it disappears, along with many others, leaving […]

The Kid Who Collects Spider-man (The Amazing Spider-man #248), written by Roger Stern: a Comic Book Issue review

Synopsis: Timothy Harrison is a one-of-a-kind kid.  9 years old, bright, funny…loves Star Wars, The Mets and he COLLECTS Spider-man.  In fact, he has the largest collection of Spider-man memorabilia of anyone in New York.  A trunk full of articles, photographs, film reels…even flattened bullets from a robbery that Spider-man thwarted.  What he doesn’t have […]


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