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Cosplay is not Consent

Or Cosplay Etiquette 101… First of all: cosplay is not consent. Secondly: nothing a person wears, no matter who revealing nor how buttoned up, is consent, EVER. And thirdly: cosplay is NOT consent. Now that we have that out of the way we can discuss some etiquette surrounding cosplay!!! 1. ALWAYS ask to take a […]

Conventions and Their Influence on Geek Culture

Such a loaded topic. And it’s mostly down to opinion. Which makes this a hotly debated topic. It basically seems to boil down to this: would geek culture be as prevalent if conventions didn’t exist? Or would conventions exist if geek culture wasn’t as prevalent? Kind of a chicken and egg dilemma here. Some of […]

Gen Con

The Best Four Days In Gaming So… though this is cancelled for in-person attendance this year we are all still celebrating this killer awesome weekend. Over 4000 events in 6 languages (including ASL) will be presented online this year due to Covid-19. We will be celebrating at home NEXT WEEKEND (July 30-August 2) within our […]

San Diego Comic-Con

Where Film, TV, Comics and Pop-Culture combine! San Diego Comic-Con (or SDCC) is arguable one of the most well known and largest multimedia convention in the world. Next weekend would have marked the 50th anniversary of the convention. But due to the current pandemic this is the first year in 50 years the convention will […]