Such an incredibly large set of worlds. With thousands of comic issues and graphic novels, tons of movies and television shows, officially licensed merchandise and toys, convention spots and so much more, MARVEL is one of the most prolific franchises in history. If the X-Men, Avengers, Spider-man, or even Deadpool or Blade are your style you will find it all here!

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, created by MARVEL Cinematic Universe, based on characters from MARVEL Comics: a Television Review

Synopsis: Six months have passed since Steve handed off the Shield to Sam Wilson.  As the world readjusts to the snap back to reality he is forced to team up with Bucky Barns on an adventure that has them chasing a rogue group known as the Flag Smashers across the globe. General Information: -Genre: Superhero, […]

Captain America: The First Avenger, created by MARVEL Cinematic Universe, based on characters from MARVEL Comics: a Film Review

Synopsis: A group of scientists in the Arctic uncover an old frozen aircraft. As they begin to explore the wreck, we flash back to 1942 where Nazi Lieutenant General Johann Schmidt (and his men) steal something known as the Tesseract.  This relic is supposed to possess untold and godly powers. Meanwhile, Steve Rogers is rejected […]

Blade II, based on characters from the MARVEL Comics: a Film Review

Synopsis: Two years have passed since Blade defeated Deacon Frost and his plot to rule the vampire world.  As his search for his mentor Abraham Whistler continues, Blade discovers that Whistler is no longer human…but a vampire after having not killed himself upon infection. Meanwhile a pandemic has hit the vampires.  A new “Reaper” virus […]

Blade, based on characters from MARVEL Comics: a Film Review

Synopsis: In 1967 a woman is brought into the hospital after being attacked.  She is bleeding profusely from a neck wound and is revealed to be pregnant.  As the life begins to fade from her, her child is delivered and taken from her. Thirty years later, a vampire hunter by the name of Blade, finds […]

Iron Man, created by Marvel Cinematic Studios, based on characters created by Stan Lee: a Film Review

Synopsis: Stark Industries has passed hands from Howard Stark to playboy Tony Stark.  On a trip to Afghanistan with Lieutenant Colonel James “Rhodey” Rhodes to demonstrate the new “Jericho” missile that his defense contracting company has built Stark’s convoy is ambushed by one of his own company’s missiles.  He is captured after being injured and […]