2112, by Rush: an album review

General Information:

-Album Title: 2112

-Artist: RUSH

-Release Year: 1976

-Song/Album Length: 38:42

-Genre: Progressive Rock, Progressive Metal

-How to Listen: Spotify (linked below), Apple Music, iHeart Radio, Pandora, or find the album at your local library!

-Page of Reference in RPO: Rush was Halliday’s favorite band and as such is mentioned early and often in the book

Song Titles:

  • A Side:
    1. 2112
      • I. “Overture”
      • II. “The Temples of Syrinx”
      • III. “Discovery”
      • IV. “Presentation”
      • V. “Oracle: The Dream”
      • VI. “Soliloquy”
      • VII. “Grand Finale”
  • B Side:
    1. A Passage to Bangkok
    2. The Twilight Zone
    3. Lessons
    4. Tears
    5. Something for Nothing


So I’ve listened to this album many times while writing for this blog and I find the whole thing fascinating. The fact that it is more of a concept album really caught my attention…and the whole “A Side” is listed as a single song even on Spotify.

I’m surprised that I didn’t listen to more Rush as a kid. My dad is obsessed with music that tells stories and that is a lot of what they did especially with this album and their third album “Caress of Steel”…and continued to do throughout their career.

This album really does tell a story and feels to me more like the album for a musical instead of your traditional rock album where there may be and underlying theme to the music but it doesn’t follow through with a full story. And the feel of it really reminds me of Styx which is one of my favorite bands.

This is an excellent album and I am starting to see exactly what people loved about Rush…and this album in particular.

I can’t believe they were still making music till 2018! I hope as I listen through the rest of their albums that I like them just a much as I liked this one.




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